the Anatomy of a Fly

Sources for Cloned and Replacement Fly Parts
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the Anatomy of a Fly

Post by vjmanzo » Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:14 pm

Status Key*:
modeled — we have modeled this part and can fabricate it
in development — we're working on it
adapted — we have created a modified version based on the original design
sourced — a link to a comparable replacement part
*This post will be updated regularly as the project continues; we will confirm all sourced parts and modeled parts in due time. Please note that we are currently still confirming sourced parts, so please message me directly if you can contribute in this capacity.

Note: the Fly Clone Project is a research project intended to maintain, recreate, and adapt parts used on original and early USM Parker Fly guitars; if you are looking for stock OEM parts, we strongly recommend that you contact Mike Gallenberger at on Reverb or wiguitar on eBay to see if the part you need is available in his stock.


Vibrato Bridge Components
-Vibrato bridge with short edge (for original Fly) — modeled
-Vibrato bridge with long edge (for refined Fly) — modeled
-Three-ridge Spring Plate with Bumper (for original Fly) — modeled
-Three-ridge Spring Plate without Bumper (for refined Fly) — modeled
-Bridge Bearings (for original Fly) — sourced
-Bridge Bearings (for refined Fly) — source forthcoming
-Bridge Bearing Posts (longer version) — modeled
-Bridge Bearing Posts (shorter version) — modeled
-Bridge Post Bushings — modeled
-Bridge Post Stabilization Rings — modeled
-C-Rings — sourced
-Hex Screw — source forthcoming
-Three-ridge Spring Plate Screw — source forthcoming
-Long Tension Screw — modeled | adapted
-Washer for Long Tension Screw — sourced
-Notched Body Insert for Long Tension Screw — in development
-Step Stop with latch (for original Fly) — modeled
-Step Stop with hole (for refined Fly) — modeled
-Step Stop anchor screw — sourced
-Tension Wheel — modeled
-Rubberized Tension Wheel (for original Fly) — in development
-T-Bar — modeled
-Vibrato Arm Bushing (rounded for refined Fly) — modeled | sourced
-Vibrato Arm Bushing (hex for original Fly) — in development
-Vibrato Arm (rounded for refined Fly) — in development
-Vibrato Arm (hex for refined Fly) — in development
-Set Screw for Vibrato arm — sourced
-Flat Springs — in development


Hardtail Bridge Components
-Hardtail bridge — modeled
-Grub screws (#10-32 R&L x 5/8) — sourced
-Threaded inserts for grub screws in body — source forthcoming

-String saddles w/screw-style string aligner (for original Fly) — in development | adapted
-String saddles w/dogbone-style string aligner (for original Fly) — in development | adapted
-String saddles w/notched string aligner (for refined Fly) — modeled | adapted
-Saddle Mounting Screws — sourced

Electronics and Knobs
Note about electronics cavities: all pots have a 3/8” hole; all switches have a 7/16” hole, the red piezo switch cavity is a 1/2” hole
Note about switches: all original switch shaft heights were 3/4" tall

-Master Volume Pot 10k (original Fly) — sourced | Alt: (TOCOS A10kX2 DCJ - Stereo 10k audio taper; TP96G00 25SK A103 A103 25mm long shaft, Bushing diam 9mm, shaft diam 6mm)
-Magnetic Pickup Volume Pot 500k — sourced
-Magnetic Pickup Tone Pot 250k — sourced
-Magnetic Pickup Push/Pull Tone Pot 250k and coil split (refined Fly) — source forthcoming
-Piezo Pickup Volume Pot — sourced
-Piezo Pickup Concentric (stacked) Volume/Tone Pot (original Fly) — source forthcoming
-Piezo Pickup Concentric (stacked) Tone/Tone Pot (Fly Concert/Nylon) — source forthcoming
-Three-way magnetic pickup switch (on-on-on) [original by C&K]— sourced
-Three-way piezo/magnetic pickup switch (on-off-on)[original by C&K] — sourced
-Output Jack Barrel (flush mounted) — source forthcoming
-Output Jack Surface mount — source forthcoming
-Stereo-switch Button Housing (original Fly) — modeled
-Rubber Knobs (original Fly) — comparably sourced | modeled
-Rubber Concentric (stacked) knobs (original Fly) — in development
-Dome Knobs (refined Fly) — sourced

Pickups (see "Fly Pickups..." for more info)
-DiMarzio Pickups — sourced Note: Dimarzio will wind nearly any pickups in their lineup in a baseplate format that can be installed in a Fly
-Seymour Duncan Pickups (for Fly Mojos and most post-2013 Flys) — sourced Note: Seymour Duncan humbuckers will fit any Fly with existing routing for Seymour Duncan pickups, which includes all Fly Mojos and most Flys made after 2013; you will need to carefully remove the mounting tabs from the side. A “trembucker”-spaced pickup must be used in the bridge position.
-Graphtech Piezo Pickup/System (for all Piezo-equipped Flys and NiteFlys) — PK-0240-00 Graphtech Ghost Acoustic-Phonic Preamp | PN-8011-00 Graphtech saddles
-Fishman Undersaddle Piezo Pickup/System (for Nylon/Spanish Fly) — Fishman Powerjack Preamp | Fishman AGX-125 undersaddle pickup
-Pickup Baseplate and Assembly — modeled
-Pickup Mount, 5-40 threaded wood inserts — sourced | sourced (alternate 4-40 to retap)
-Dimarzio Pickup Pole Pieces — sourced
-Pickup Baseplate Mounting Foam — sourced

Backplates and Related
-Backplate (original Fly with vibrato bridge) — modeled
-Backplate (original Fly with fixed bridge) — modeled
-Backplate (refined Fly) — modeled
-Screws for backplate — sourced
-Battery compartment for backplate-mounting — source forthcoming
-Battery compartment "in body" cover (original Fly) — modeled
-Battery compartment "in body" screws (original Fly) — sourced
-Battery compartment "in body" screw insert (original Fly) — sourced

-Sperzel short-post non-graduated inline locking tuners — sourced
-Nut — modeled

-Strap End-Pin — sourced
-Strap End-Pin Screws — sourced (upper horn) | sourced (bottom)
-Strap Pin Felt Washers — sourced

-Fretboard — in development
-Stainless Steel Frets — in development

Tools (included with Fly)
-T-Wrench 3/32" Hex Adjustment Tool — sourced
-Truss Rod T-27 Torx Adjustment Tool — sourced
-Bridge Height 5/32" Hex Adjustment Tool — sourced
-Step Stop 1/8" Round Bar Adjustment Tool — sourced
-"Bullwinkle" guitar hanger — modeled


This component of the project would not be possible without the exceptional students in my research lab: Alan Hunt, Nathan Rose, Tom Ward, Colin Mashack, Brent Reissman, Shintaro Clanton, Ben Watkins, Ryan Eastwood, Lorenzo Castoldi, Avery Ingegneri, Shane Whittaker, Evan Duffy, Palawat Busaranuvong, Michael DeFrancesco, Ruyue Wang, Abby O'Sullivan, Sam Joy, and Nathan Sarachick.
And of course: you!

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